Sunday, 1 June 2014

HONESTly one of the best burgers in town

So after running 6.2 miles in Sundays Bupa 10K last week we took my parents and brother to experience their first honest burger! As mentioned before we discovered honest at their first restaurant in Brixton and have been fans ever since! As the sun was shinning we sat outside at one of the newest branches near Oxford Circus and grabbed some craft beers and wine while we browsed the menu!

The menu had definitely grown since the last time we visited Honest.  A new burger (Tribute) was now present and also more sides.  The Tribute burger is a beef and bacon American cheese burger.  We decided not to pick this after our experience at #BMChampionship! However in hindsight it would have been interesting to compare.

The Special (Sarah's choice) - Cajun Blackened Patty, bloody Mary ketchup, fried onions and beef tomato.
The burger was (as always) delicious, well flavoured good quality meat.  However the chips were lacking in flavour (unusually) this however was nothing that a sprinkle of pepper didn't cure.  The sauce made this dish adding another dimension to the burger.

The Honest burger(Soph's choice - as always):
There is one pure reason why this burger is a staple when we visit Honest; it is because this burger is honestly (pun :D), well and truly the best burger combo EVER!!  The tasty high quality dry aged beef, with mature cheddar cheese, red onion relish, bacon, lettuce AND cucumber....what more could anyone ever want.  These flavours are a match made in heaven with the added crunch of salad.  The only slight niggle this time round was for me / us the patties were slightly over cooked.

Overall everybody was very content with the meal...The quality of the food was definitely a talking point as Sarah's parents had never had such good quality burgers in the past.

We have a few more burger joints to try before we give you all our top 5!

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