Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Peckham Market

Saturday saw the first EVER Peckham Market.  From the minute we read that Peckham was finally getting a decent food market we have been very excited and subsequently woke up super early in anticipation. Time seemed to stand still which we mooched round the house waiting for the time to don our cycling gear and head down.  The market is held at the Harris Academy car park on Highshore Road, Peckham.  We speedily headed down, locked the bikes up and headed for the stalls. The car park is actually a really good size so great for people who are driving down and there are numerous seating areas so you don't have to spill food all down your front (but all over the tables instead).  With the sun beating down we wondered round the market unable to decide what we wanted to eat/drink first.

First stop was South East Cakery, where we picked up some salted caramel and oreo brownies for later on (knowing how popular they are).  Their brownies are damn good, soft, not stodgy with a nice crisp outside.

Our favourite juice bar Ali Baba had a stand where they had a limited selection of the juices they have on offer at their usual spot - we think they underestimated how busy they were going to be as they had already sold out of the AKB (apple, kale and basil) by the time we arrived at about 11:30. This was actually a pretty good thing for us as we would have had yet another AKB, instead we had spiced pumpkin, carrot and maple juice.  We finished this very quickly and quite surprisingly really enjoyed it (neither of us especially like pumpkin). We can only imagine how much juicing Chris and Sienna did in preparation for the market - even more will be needed next week guys!

Next stop was Club Mexicana who serve vegetarian burritos and tacos.  On Saturday jackfruit burritos and black bean burritos were on offer and we (well Sarah) chose the bbq pulled jackfruit option which was accompanied with rice, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream. Jackfruit is not something we have ever tried before and something we think we would again! Staggering how filling something can be without being stuff full of meat!

We swiftly moved from Mexican to British cuisine where we queued with the masses to try the Original Fry Up Materials breakie muffins and burger. Despite wanting to try the burger we decided we would leave that for another week and go for the breakfast option as it was before 12 and we weren't disappointed! The muffins were large and soft and managed to hold the enormous filling of sausage patty, bacon and egg very well. The sausage patty was really flavoursome and the whole thing was cooked really well but one thing was missing with our muffin and that was coffee...

So we jumped straight in the Mouse Tail queue and sampled by far the best hazelnut mocha we have ever drunk! Each cup was lovingly made by the team and our drink even a heart on the top made out of the milk (great touch!) We were really blown away with the quality of the coffee considering it was brewed out of a VW van and even went to their regular spot by the library on Sunday for seconds!

Having demolished the muffin in a matter of seconds we decided to do another lap of the market with our coffee to see who else was there/who we were going to try next week. Sarah got very excited to see that some borough market stalls were there including the one where she gets her chorizo from and a lovely looking cheese stall. There was a fish mongers, fresh fruit and veg and even a stall selling flowers - Peckham market really had everything going on!

On our list for next week/when we can next go is Bunny Chow,Mamas jerk and Peel and Chimney and we are even tempted by a pasta class with Pastificio Mansi.

The market was a huge success and credit to the band (Eden Billy) who were playing some classics and also to the wonderful one feeds two initiative where every time the market was mentioned on twitter they would donate a meal to a child in poverty #tweetasyoueat

Ooooh also - for bike fans which we are fast becoming Pauls Custom Cycles will be there next week doing free cycle safety checks so what you waiting for - get down to Peckham Market!

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