Thursday, 15 January 2015

Free pHO (house of ho)

WEEEEEEEE'RRRRREEEEE BBBBAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!! After a couple of months out of action (eating and blogging) we are now back on the band wagon.
Earlier this week I was sat trawling twitter deciding where we were going to eat first this year, when I came across a tweet from @thehouseofho.  It stated that between the 12th and 17th of jan they are giving away free pho as part of their new lunch menu.  I really love pho so got straight on the phone to book our table.
We turned up a little early (not as early as usual) and were seated straight away. The choices of pho were simple; chicken, beef, seafood or veggie. We both went for beef and chose a starter of duck rolls from the main menu.  The service was fairly slow to begin with, it took quite a while for someone to see to us at first.  Once our drinks order was placed (water and lemongrass lemonade) things moved pretty quickly.   Shortly after the drinks arrived the crisp confit duck rolls arrived.  The duck is served with perilla leaves, gizzards and sliced grapes all wrapped in rice noodle rolls.  This dish had 5 bite size pieces and was accompanied by a dish of sriracha.  All together we were very pleasantly suprised (we weren't entirely sure what we were going to get).  The duck was cooked to perfection , very soft and flavoursome.
The pho's arrived very promptly after the starters.  Served up in the way they should be with the herbs, beansprouts and chilli on the side.  The difference with this pho was that the us cooked  beef also appeared on the side plate.  We thought this was a great idea as you could add the beef (which cooked in the broth) as you went along therefore stopping it from overcooking.  The broth had a really rich, deep beefy flavour.  We have had so many very bland pho soups so it was really nice to have one with a real depth of flavour.  Add perfectly cooked noodles, the melt in the mouth beef and the crunchy spring onions, and you have an absolute winner.
House of ho are only 1 year old and I don't believe it has taken us so long to get there.  We would recommend here to anybody and can't wait to get back.

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