Monday, 16 March 2015

Peckham has a Tapas bar...yes it is true!

What's the best thing about signing up for a half marathon? Training? Getting fitter? Pushing your body to the limits and achieving a goal? NO - for us it is planning the run to end up at a new place or in a new restaurant! Last Saturday we did just this and made sure our route finished at our fav juice bar for the usual AKB from Alibaba. We love catching up with Chris and Sienna and hearing about their new ventures including a coffee bar and the sucess of their recently opened evening bar which has such a great vibe. We are sure they have many other great projects in the pipeline and cannot wait to report on their deserved success.

With the refreshing juices down our necks we headed for Miss Tapas which is one of the newest restaurants in Peckham and being huge fans of Spanish cuisine we just couldn't wait to get in. The restaurant is just off Rye Lane and once we stepped through the door we felt like we had just stepped off the plane in Malaga (My parents (Sarah) have a place out there so we go on regular trips). We were greeted at the door and sat at a quaint table for two facing the menu board - no table menus here as it changes daily!

We have frequented many tapas bars in London prior to this one and always gone away feeling like something was missing or that we were majorly ripped off for the amount of food we got. Looking at the menu at Miss Tapas considering we were in Peckham we were quite shocked at the price however we soon got to sample the food and comparing it to the likes of the terrible chain La Tasca we soon realised that the price was reasonable for the portions and good tasting grub.

We decided to start our late lunch with 3 dishes - the jamon croquetas, chorizo al vino & tortilla Espanol which are standardly ordered when we get to Spain. The portion sizes were good however as we were 2 people having 6 bits of everything would have caused less arguments and debate over who got the 5th piece! The croquetas were lovely and crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle just how they should be. The jamon was delicious and the quality and authenticity oozed through with every bite. Up next was the chorizo and although they look small they packed in a whole lot of flavour and punch. The wine sauce was so delicious we had to order some bread to soak it up and the bread was equally as good! Being two fatties who had just done a quick 5km to get to Miss Tapas we wanted to try more of the Spanish goodness so went for the slow cooked Ox cheek however we were too early for this dish so went for the quail egg & chorizo tostadas which were 3 bites of heaven.

We had a lovely lunch at Miss Tapas and it is great having a Spanish restaurant just round the corner!

Croquetas con jamon

Chorizo al vino

Tortilla con alioli

Quails egg & chorizo tostadas y bread with oil 

Our total bill inc half a pint of Estrella and tip £30

La comida esta muy bien aqui!

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