Monday, 12 May 2014

#BMChampionship Hawksmoor v Honest

We attended the first quarter finals of the BM Championship which was organised by Daniel @youngandfoodish at a really quirky pub by London Fields called @climpsonsarch We arrived 30 mins early and got to watch both competitors set up and get ready for this first head to head knock out burger off. There was bacon being cut, chicken skin being crisped up and saucepans of gravy being warmed up - it smelt bloody great!

We were the first to try @Hawksmoorlondon's 'The Clogger' burger - charcoal-grilled sausage patty with pulled pork, Ogleshield cheese, candied bacon and a side of sausage gravy for French dipping with crackling. With Hawksmoor being a really good steak restaurant we were hoping for a juicy beef burger but got sausage patties which upset us slightly. We were pretty underwhelmed by this dish and the crackling stole the show.  The patties didn't seem to hold any structure and would be much better as a breakfast burger.  For us this burger was too rich especially when eaten with the dipping sauce.

Up next was @Honestburgers - a blend of 35-day-aged rib and rump cap in a patty that would be all beef were it not for the crisp bacon running through it. Red Leicester cheese, crispy chicken skin, green sauce, pickles and baby spinach. Having been to both the Brixton and Camden honest burger we were expecting great things from Tom as we have never had a bad honest burger although on Monday the burgers were over seasoned with salt. The chicken skin may have been a contributing factor to the salt or the red Leicester cheese which is a pretty tasteless cheese.  We definitely are not converts to beef and bacon patties!!

Our votes were first up on the board and went to Honest burger. Despite the over seasoning the burgers were cooked well and a lot of love went into each burger. 

The overall winner was Hawksmoor by 3 votes....a very close first quarter final. Who will win the overall comp? Our money is on @bleeckerburger

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  1. Very good post. I think your criticisms of both burgers are fair.