Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Flavour Expat

Saturday saw us venture east AGAIN...this time to @BackDoorKitchen.  Over the past few weeks/months they have been running flavour expats.  The idea of the night is that two different cuisines go up against each other.  Our chosen night was Italy vs. China (@twohungrygirls).
It took us a little while to find the venue (not unusual), but when we did we weren't disappointed.  On the first floor of "a gym" is a light, spacious kitchen and entertainment area which has a great warehouse feel about it. We wondered in alittle early (again not unusual) and were greeted by a very friendly, welcoming host.
The Italian starter of Maiale 3 Stilie (see above for full ingredient list)  was served first.  Presentation wise the plate looked very appetising.  We love asparagus and these three glorious stalks wrapped in pork fat were delicious.  The ham hock was tasty and went well with the dips.
The Chinese starter of BBQ pulled pork bun fell apart in our mouths.  The succulent meat was cooked really well and the radishes offered a nice peppery dimension.  We were however a little disappointed that this did not come in a traditional bun.  Nevertheless it still tasted great.

Main courses were served in the same order.  Rob served rosemary and thyme risotto topped with a quail breast.  The sauce of the risotto was lovely although for us the rice was slightly too aldente for our liking.
The Chinese dish of a chicken and shitake mushroom rice parcel came next.  The sticky rice was well flavoured and STICKY.  The chicken was cooked nicely however for us this dish didn't really work for us.

 Both sides kept their deserts a secret until they were about to be served.
The eastern inspired desert was chocolate biscuits with ginger milk tea ice cream.  The biscuits were delightfully thin and chocolatey which complimented the punchy ice cream perfectly.  Once we demolished this we moved on to the Italian desert - a rich chocolate orange desert with a hidden treat of a rum soaked sponge finger.  At first we started munching our way through the mousse thinking it was a little over powering.  However the minute we mixed the sponge, mousse and cream together this desert came alive; and really really worked.

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