Sunday, 15 February 2015


What do you do when you both get punctures on your way home from work??
Go for food and beer of course.  Luckily we were both relatively near Southwark/London bridge when our punctures happened, this meant only one thing.. Bunsmiths soft launch!!
For 3 days Bunsmiths were having their soft launch at The Millers Pub (near Guy's hospital).  After negotiating / arguing about whether to remove the said punctured wheels we strolled into the pub, detached wheel in hand (yes just the one wheel, my bike stayed intact).  We wondered round the fairly packed pub looking for a table and finally spotted a couple leaving.  Sarah was straight in with her ninja like movement.  We ordered the buttermilk chicken bun, BBQ bun and a side of chilli fries.  Our drinks were Brick Brewery American IPA and a Belleville Thames Surfer.  Both of these are some of our favourites.
The food came within about 10 / 15 mins of ordering it, we were delighted about this as we were pretty ravenous.  The chicken had a really good flavour and consistency.  It was crispy yet moist and seasoned really well.  The BBQ bun was also a very enjoyable experience; juicy and packed with flavour.  There was one minor gripe from Sarah and this was a lack of crunchy burnt ends.  The fries were actually some of the best we have ever tasted,  and topped with slow cooked pork and beef this only made them better.  To be honest I wish we had tried the whole menu, although this gives us another chance to go back and carry on ticking the beers off too.
Massively sorry about the sideways pictures...for some reason I cannot rotate them.

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