Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Camden Town Brewery Tour

The day we truly became hell raisers was the first day we tried Camden Hells lager.  These days were different for both of us.  I remember my first bottle of hells like it was yesterday...sat in a small boozer in Camden during Camden crawl feeling a little bit delicate.  From my first sip I was hooked, it almost instantly perked me up (until my next wave of nausea anyway).  It has been my beer of choice ever since (wherever I could find it).  So when I opened a little very light parcel on my birthday it was like something out of Charlie and the chocolate factory, Sarah had only manage to bag us tickets on the Camden Town Brewery tour.

We rocked up early as always so decided to have a cheeky pint before the tour started.  My choice was hells whilst Sarah chose a pint of the pale ale.  The bar area in the brewery is really nice and, in winter especially as it has a bit of an apres ski feel about it.

Our tour commenced at 6:30pm and due to a computer error there were a lot more than 10 people (the max they norm do) on the tour with us however this did not dampen any of the tour. We had a brief history lesson of the company while outside stood by the outside mounted tanks and were in ore of how far and quick the brewery has grown since 2006 when Jasper was brewing in the basement of his pub. We were each given a can of hells (our fav at the beginning of the tour) to accompany us on the first part of the tour, so we donned our safety glasses and headed into willy wonkas inventing room!
It was here we learnt how beer is made, got to try some malt (tasty) and  hops (not advisable) and got to look into the tanks where they were currently brewing beer for Byron burgers - something that we did not know they did and will now defs try Byrons beer when we next go!

After a can of pale ale we hit the room which houses a lot more tanks and got to try some beer straight out of the tank - it was delicious and we also go to see more of the master brewers at work. Whilst here we also got a can of IHL which is 6.1% and quickly became our favourite Camden beer! The last stop on our wonderful tour was to the bottling room where we got to see the end product and by god were they churning it out!

We had an absolute blast on the tour; learnt a lot, ate rank hops, drunk wonderful beer and got to meet and interact with the lovely staff at the brewery! Shout out also to our guide who was fantastic despite being a Patriots fan!

After our pre pint and tour cans we stopped at the bar for a few more where Soph stuck to hells and Sarah tried the stout to round off the evening! We couldn't ignore our rumbling bellies so made sure we got some of Butchies chicken before it ran out and WOW it was delicious and went really nicely with our beers! The chicken was moist with a really crispy punchy casing and the dips were perfect to accompany the chicken.

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