Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pedler Peckham

After our disastrous breakfast at Peckham Refreshment Rooms we decided this week to give Pedler Peckham a go. Like PRR we have read many great reviews on Pedler and this time we were not at all disappointed and had one of the best breakfasts we have ever had!

We started our day by both smashing our 10K PBs at the Peckham Rye 10K which was 3 and a bit laps of Peckham Rye Park. The event was well organised by Mccpromotions , we got to try True Start Coffee (the world's first caffeine controlled performance coffee) and on completion we received medals and tshirts for the small fee of £13 - this may have to be an annual 10K for us! 

We made the short walk to Pedler which is opposite the park and we were seated very quickly at the bar which meant we could really interact with the staff who were some of the nicest staff we have come across. They straight away engaged with us enquiring why we were red faced with medals round our necks and this was a lovely touch and we knew from that second on we were going to enjoy our time at Pedler. I went for a freshly squeezed orange juice and Soph a ginger ale to kick us off while we looked at the menu and around at the restaurant and bar. The whole place has a lovely laid back feel to it and there were some classic tunes being blasted around the place but at a comfortable level to have a conversation.  The bar staff were all dressed really similar and the whole place oozed familiarity.

Having just run 6 miles we wanted to eat the whole menu but decided to be sensible and pick one item each - leaving room for something a bit special at the end! The pancakes stood out for me and the all day breakfast for Soph but before ordering we were taken through the menu and advised that the pancakes were more like a sweet Yorkshire pudding loaded with leeks & gruyere cheese or parma ham and gruyere topped with maple syrup - sounds strange but was an absolute delight. The 'pancake' was crispy and doughy where it should be and topped with lashings of delicious gruyere cheese. They had actually run out of leeks so made me a special pancake with spinach, mushrooms and parma ham and I was in food heaven.

Sophs Pedler breakfast was everything a full English should  be and more! From her first mouthful of house made bbq beans she announced it was quite possibly the best breakfast she has ever had. The bacon was cooked how it should be (pink, with a bit of crunch), the sausage truly delicious and infused with little bird gin made in collaboration with Flock & Herd, bone marrow, grilled mushroom & potato rosti all topped with two perfectly poached eggs and melt in the mouth bread with maple syrup butter. The breakfast was so tasty, most items were grilled therefore not swimming in oil or fat and you could tell it was cooked to order.

Pedler breakfast
While we were tucking into our meals 2 trays of donuts and a chocolate tart were placed right next to us and we just couldn't resist the urge to take 1 away - which one should we go for tho? That was our dilemma of the day! We were faced with the house dumpkin filled with sweet pumpkin cream (although we were advised that no cream was harmed in the making of this donut) or one filled with cream and topped with chocolate and sprinkles. We asked our server which was her favourite and went with the dumpkin only to be presented with both at the end of the meal as a congrats on running the race. We were truly touched by this kind gesture as random acts of kindness are so hard to find, especially in London. We managed to save the donuts to eat with our Alibaba coffees (their new place has now opened and the coffee and Arran are just ACE) and decided the dumpkin was defs our favourite!


Alibaba Coffee

Pedler has restored our faith in eateries in Peckham and we are already deciding when to go back - perhaps when this half is done so we can sample the cocktail menu!
Pedler prides itself as a local neighbourhood eatery however we urge you to jump on that train or bus to Peckham if you are not a local to see what you are missing out on not living in SE15.

Our meal including 2 drinks, mains, donut and service - £25
Service, staff and vibe - priceless

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