Monday, 27 April 2015


Last week after hearing my colleagues rave about Porkys Bankside I decided it was time I got down there during lunch and my god...they had down played how good it was! You can find Porkys opposite the globe and the second I saw beer pong tables set up I knew I was going to really enjoy my rest day lunch! We were seated immediately at the back of the restaurant and as I was with some Porkys veterans they ordered the warm up platter from the off and some frontier beer with bourbon chasers which I had to decline as i'm off the booze for the half so I went for a delicious passion fruit mocktail.

Our sharing starter was presented to our table and all conversation stopped while we tucked it. I enjoyed every single element with the pork croquette or chicken wings being my favourite, however the hush puppies caused quite a stir with 3 of the 4 of us loving them and the other 1 just not getting it. The mug of chilli had a really good kick to it and the bread served as a great spoon to mop it all up. It was at this point we discovered the out of this world chilli sauce that was on the table, being a huge fan of hot sauces this one had it spot on in terms of heat with a lovely barbeque aftertaste.

The warm up platter

Once our starter had been demolished and cleared away one of the lovely staff came to take our main order - we all thought this was a lovely touch that they had effectively left us alone and not bombarded us to take our main order. Having recently cooked pulled pork at home I decided to try the ribs and burnt ends which is not something I would usually go for but it was wicked. Both ribs were really meaty and came away from the bone with minimal effort and the burnt ends were exactly how they should be. The side sauce and pickles added moisture, texture and zing to the ribs. I declined on chips but did tuck into the bacon mac and cheese and pitt beans which we placed in the middle of the table for all to share. The mac and cheese was really creamy and cheesy and not stringy and the beans had ample pulled pork running through...yum!

Memphis meaty ribs and tips
Pitt beans

Bacon mac and cheese
Below is the food the boys ordered and wolfed down...the two Greeks who like their meat cremated seemed to have been converted to the medium burger way of life and both loved the porky burger - they did let me try a TINY bit and I liked what I tried. Dave (the discoverer of Porkys) was really happy with the tangy sandwich and commented that the chilli slaw had just the right amount of kick and lip tingling.

Porky burger
The tangy

I was defeated by my 2 ribs so no desert for me however the two Greeks were in 'fat boy mode' and both went for the peanut butter sundae and I had the biggest food envy when it arrived! They again let me have a TINY spoonful and each layer was a true delight with a nutty base.


Porkys was one hell of a lunch experience and I wish all rest day lunches could be that good...however feel I wouldn't make it round the half marathon course if it was! I cannot wait to return when I will be drinking and can get on that beer pong table! Thanks Porkys for a delightful lunch.

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