Sunday, 19 October 2014

A joint of the best kind

Thursday night (one night after the soft launch finished) saw us rock up to the joints' (@thefoodjoint) newest venue.  We have heard great things about the joint for a while but had just never made it down to Brixton.   After walking round Marylebone hungrily for a little while we finally found what we were looking for (hoping we wouldn't have to queue).  We were seated straight away by the very friendly and attentive staff.
As we drank our cucumber water (so rock n roll) we browsed the menu.
We went for the BBQ chicken wings to start followed by the BBQ pulled pork, short rib burger, onion rings and fries (yes we were hungry)

I found the chicken wings a little sickly as they were deep fat fried, and Sarah whilst liking them at first soon came round to the same trail of thought.  The onion rings and fries came out at the same time as the chicken.  We both very much liked the flavourful, moist onion rings, however the fries on the other hand (and I hate to say it) were anaemic and instantly forgettable.

The mains soon followed, and they were big.  We definitely could have got away with only ordering one main.  Both mains were really very nice and very different.  The buns really took the dishes to another level and really held their own against the juicy, very tasty meat.  We did our usual of having half a bun each and both preferred the short rib.  However this takes nothing away from the pulled pork, it was purely down to personal preference.
Overall this place is great and would recommend it to anybody who loves slow cooked meat.

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