Thursday, 2 October 2014

NFL weekend & Flat Iron

Last weekend we had two big wins...first was the NFL fan forum with 3 NFL legends (@, @ & @RodWoodson26) , cardinals manager, Dick Ebersol - Former head of NBC Sports and Neil. We always try and attend these forums as it gives us a greater knowledge of the sport which we are fast becoming huge fans. We then spent the rest of our afternoon checking out the fan rally that was taking place on regents street. The turn out to this event was huge and really exciting to see so many Brits in NFL shirts..fingers crossed the London franchise will make it over as we will be first in line for season tickets!
We had seen NFL UK were running a comp on twitter to win tickets to the Dolphins v Raiders so we made sure we stayed around Regent street which resulted in us 1) Finally trying Flat Iron 2) Winning and getting to go to the game with the best seats we've ever had!

Flat Iron has been on our list of cheap eats in London that we were really keen to try due to our love for steaks. Can a steak that costs a tenner with a side salad really be as good as everyone raves about?! Well...the answer is YES! The steak was cooked medium rare and arrived a little more on the rare side but this cut of meat tastes better cooked this way. The steak was well seasoned and accompanied with a little side salad. The sides were extremly well priced and we decided to give the chips and aubergine with tomato dish a go. Appears that since coming back from China we cannot get enough of aubergine and this side was delicious. As the sauces were only 1 pound we decided to get a peppercorn and Fred sauce to share. The Fred sauce was a spicy tomato concotion but the peppercorn sauce stole the show - stick to the classics we say!

If you are looking for a quick, cheap, tasty meal then Flat Iron is your place! Granted the steaks aren't as big as the likes of Gaucho and Hawkesmoor but the price v quality is something we cannot falt. The sides were also in the same bracket as many restaurants would bump up the price of the sides to compensate for the cheap steak.

Some snaps from Miami Dolphins v Oakland Raiders - final score 38-14


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