Sunday, 19 October 2014

Tommi's Burger Joint

A very rainy Saturday at the beginning of October we finally visited Tommi's Burger Joint (@BurgerJointUK) on Kings Road to claim our free burger and fries.  We popped in around 1pm to be greeted by a fair few hungry burger lovers however it wasn't long before we found ourselves a table.
We chose a cheeseburger with bacon and the special (DAS BURGER).  Das burger was a beef patty topped with smoked Bavarian cheese, a frankfurter, sauerkraut, curried ketchup and wholegrain mustard.  As we sat drinking our cokes we watched numerous people come in and order take outs.  Whether you were eating in or out everybody was served promptly and with a smile (which is always nice).  The burgers are served wrapped up in a basket FULL of fries.

Naturally I went straight for the fries and they were the quickest option while Sarah faffed around with photographing the food.  The chips were really well salted and cooked really well (which is surprisingly hard to find).  Once the photo shoot had finally drawn to a close we tucked into our burgers.  We were not disappointed in the slightest.  The burgers were cooked and seasoned perfectly for us.  It's safe to say we haven't had burgers as nice in a while.  Das burger had an amazing overall taste, the frankfurter and curried ketchup really went with the patty.  This was definitely my favourite out of the 2 burgers not to say I did not like my own.  Sarah really enjoyed this burger too however I think she was little overwhelmed by it.  We would unquestionably rank this burger joint in our top 5 burger places in London.

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