Tuesday, 29 April 2014

#BAD8 which was oh so good

Yesterday @hansyhobs and myself were part of the lucky 30 who got to attend #BAD8 which was organised by @burgerawayday. The event was hosted by @BOBsANDco who are residing in The Rising Sun, St Pauls (till the end of the year) and we have wanted to try more of BOBs food since Taco Wars as their taco truly blew us away. I arrived at the venue very early, got myself a magners and sat at the bar reading timeout waiting for Hannah. The pub was really quaint with a large bar and stalls facing the windows however,  city prices were well in force with the Magners being a fiver!!
7:30 soon approached and the 30 of us headed upstairs to BOBs restaurant where the space had been dramatically changed (according to Hannah) with fake exposed brick wallpaper which seemed to trick many people. The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable and once the food started flowing we were not disappointed and had many talking points.
The first starter out was the tuna taco which was just as good as I remember from Taco Wars. The crispy wonton added texture and all the ingredients including the slaw and wasabi paired so well with the tuna.  These are soooo good and could easily eat a tray of them!

Up next was their signature lobster rolls in mini bite size form which left us wanting more and to come back for the main version. The lobster was tasty and crammed into the fresh brioche and the lobster butter was superb.

The third and final starter was sea bass & blood orange cerviche served on a scallop shell. Having spent some time in Peru and sampled lots of cerviche this was a really good one with the orange adding a sharp dimension to the dish! Again I could have eaten more of this!

There was quite a wait between starters and main but we could smell the burgers cooking and while we waited we were presented with Lobster mac & cheese. For me, this was one of the highlights of the evening! The pasta was well cooked and the bowl was full of lobster. There was nice clumps of cheese and a runny lobster bisque bechamel sauce topped with crispy fried shallots which added texture and depth to the dish. I thought the flavours were incredible and the dish perfect but seemed the general consensus on our table was the sauce could have been thicker.

Once this was demolished the burger were served with a decent portion of chips on the side, however the chips were way too salty for me.  The menu had advised that the burger was to be cooked medium to well due to the bacon running through however having sampled so many burgers, medium rare is our preferred choice. The burgers were still juicy and succulent and the toppings worked really well.

Desert was a smaller affair with most people having a caramelised banana with espresso creme anglaise served on a homemade banana brioche. I was served rice pudding instead as really dislike bananas and this was light, not stodgy at all and very tasty.

In summary - this menu was delicious, the staff fabulous and the company even better. Thanks to BOBs & Camilla for organising. We cannot wait for #BAD9!!

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  1. All 3 starters really were amazing. I'll be back for tacos and the big lobster roll. Delicious!