Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pizza Union..not your average Pizza joint!

Easter is just around the corner and seeing as I will not be seeing my bro this year we decided to meet for lunch. He suggested @pizzaunion which was a place I had never heard of despite pizza being up there as one of my fav foods so was pretty darn excited to give it a go!

Being close to Liverpool street the place got really quite busy but we seemed to get in just before the rush! The menu has 15 different pizzas all for under 6 quid...yes 6 quid for 12 inches which is AMAZING value for London. After toiling with what to go for we ordered the Tropicali and Reine and within 5 mins our buzzer was flashing and our pizzas were ready! Both were packed full of toppings and flavour on a really crisp base just how I like it! The tomato sauce wasn't too watery or runny and there was just the right amount of cheese. All the ingredients were really fresh and as the kitchen is open you can see all the pizzas being made to order! Despite being fast passed and busy all the staff were really friendly and seemed to be enjoying what they were doing which is always refreshing to see in the City. Customers also seemed to be enjoying themselves and their lunch breaks without the stress that food was going to take too long and they would be late back to the office - which always puts a dampener on going to a restaurant during work hours. We both devoured our pizzas within minutes and I'm already arranging when we will next see each other for the next Pizza Union!

These pizzas were not only delicious they were big, cheap and cooked in super quick time! Really recommend everyone to give these guys a go....could Pizza Union be the most economical pizza joint in London?


  1. Looks good but what are the toppings on your pizzas?

  2. Ham, mushroom and olive
    ham and pineapple