Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Have you been to BUGER PIT yet?

After winning a football related comp on twitter - yes we know football - we had the delights of trying @burgerpitLondon situated near Leadenhall market. We've been burger addicts for a while and frequented many markets and street food events trying to find the best burger in London and burger pit were unknown to us before appearing on twitter.
The restaurant is large however empty when we arrived - maybe it gets busier at lunch? Due to the obvious emptiness it was lacking atmosphere however we both really liked the street art on the wall.The menu is displayed on a big black board and the burgers are very basic with toppings at an additional cost. Having read other reviews many customers would like to see these toppings as part of the price and specials on the menu which may jazz it up a bit.   

Having said that we really enjoyed our cheeseburgers which were made with cuts from beef aged on the bone for 28 days. We found the meat very succulent and well cooked (medium) and there was sufficient salad on top of the burger. They were a decent size and unlike other burgers we've tried we weren't covered in mess and sauce (not that we don't enjoy the messier burgers - patty and bun springs to mind) but being a burger joint near many offices makes sense that people can pop in and not be worried about leaving with half their lunch down them! We also ordered a portion of chips to share which was more than ample for two however had a touch too much salt for our taste buds. Each table was kitted out with condiments ranging from hot sauce to Jack Daniels BBQ which accompanied the chips nicely however when eating off paper the sauce started to seep through and was nearly digested with some chips!

Overall, this wasn't the worst burger we have ever tasted but it wasn't up there in our top 5. It exceeded our expectations as other customers have not enjoyed their experience at Burger pit so we say give it a go - see what you think!

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