Wednesday, 22 April 2015

BAD9 @ Bad Egg

On Monday we attended another fantastic event organised by Camilla aka Burger Away Day . I had previously attended BAD8 at Bobs Lobster with Hannah but this one her and Steve couldn't attend so Peckhamite went as a two! Bad Egg has been on our list of places we have been dying to eat at for quite some time so when we heard about a special menu for BAD9 we were all over it harassing Camilla for a place! Bad Egg is in Moorgate which is an area of London we don't know very well but it is situated in a nice little courtyard type area. It was started by 4 friends who wanted to create a Chicago style all day dinner and this is the exact vibe they have created. We loved everything about the interior including the neon signs, leather booths and funky lightbulb lighting  and could definitely see us spending all day chilling in the restaurant (when we are drinking properly again!)

Not knowing anyone else at the event we grabbed a high table for two and sat down - both nearly falling off as the leather stools were really quite slippy! The evening started with a cocktail and although we are off the booze in prep for the half we decided to roll with it and have the cocktail! We really didn't know what to expect as neither of us have had Mezcal before ,however, we enjoyed our smokey peachy drink. We would have then moved onto a Camden Pale or Beavertown but we grabbed cans of diet coke..rock and roll!

The food came pretty soon after our welcome drink but not before Neil had explained to us what we were going to eat and how/why he came up with it! This was such a lovely personal touch and we could really tell he had put some thought into the menu. So up first was raw beef tostadas Korean style and they were absolutely delicious. Two salty crispy taco shells topped with juicy beef, sweet cubes of apple drizzled with spicy sauce. Everything went great together and with each mouthful came a delightful mix of sweet, salty and crispy and soft - great textures going on.

Once all the plates had been cleared Neil tried to explain the inspiration behind the burger he had come up with because lets be honest...nearly every burger combo has been done...except this one!
The burger was cooked medium rare exactly how we liked it but cooked in chicken coating giving it a totally new dimension. It was topped with raclette cheese with bone marrow and pickles creating a gooey cheesy mess - GOOD MESS THO! As a side we were treated to foie grois & confit duck chips...yes you read correctly..foie grois! This was melted down and mixed with Bad Eggs usual b├ęchamel like cheese sauce and this coated our ample portion of chips which was scattered full of delicious duck. This was a side that just kept giving and seemed bottomless - how many ducks were used in the making of this dish we do wonder!? Overall we really enjoyed both the burger and side however we were missing something else to help break up the richness but a side salad would have just looked so out of place! Each table was kitted out with mustard, ketchup and sirracha and we found the heat of the sirracha really helped bring everything together. Soph wasn't so keen on the chicken/beef combo as it messed with her head as it looked like fried chicken but I thought the burger was yummy.

To finish our glutinous evening we were treated to peanut butter and jelly cheesecake which was presented in a large glass bowl enabling us to see the layers of oreo crumb, creamy peanut butter and tangy jelly jam. Being a HUGE fan of peanut butter I demolished this desert in a matter of seconds but then suffered in the biggest food coma!!

We were surprised that there was no egg element to the menu as eggs feature heavily on their regular menu however this just means we will have to return to the Bad Egg in the near future and the bottomless brunch menu is looking very appealing after the 25th May when all this running stops and we get our social lives back!! Thanks again to Camilla & all at Bad Egg for a fab evening! Roll on BAD10!

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