Saturday, 18 April 2015

Crust Conductor @ Brick Brewery

Today we ran 10 miles which is the furthest either of us have been and went up and around Blackheath...when I say UP I mean REALLY up...the biggest hill ever! When we hit mile 8 we were both feeling the burn in the legs and the only thing that got us through was the thought of heading into Peckham for a Pizza and today Crust Conductor was on the menu as they only have 2 weeks left at their residency at Brick Brewery.
As with all trips to Peckham our first stop is Mousetail coffee followed by Alibaba juice, however today we turned down the lane and there was the biggest queue we have seen in a long time so we crossed over and headed straight to the Brewery. If you haven't been to Brick Brewery you really should as it has a great vibe and their beers are lovely. Today, we were confronted with a huge red double decker bus parked infront of the bar and jumped aboard, passed the open kitchen/pizza oven and headed upstairs. On top deck there were ample cute tables for four and also a dj booth...yes a dj booth! The bus was pumping out some really good music adding to the cool vibe. 

The menu was very reasonably priced and there were 2 pizzas that took our fancy however once we saw the chorizo starter we decided to pick that and go for 1 pizza to share (The not so Ameican, but hot). 

Our starter arrived and we were raring to tuck in however it did come with a heat warning and thank god it did as the balls were like molton lava although they were bloody delicious when we finally got to stuff our faces. The chorizo was swimming in a garlicky red sauce that tasted fab and once all our dough balls had gone we kept the sauce and dipped our crusts into it...we may also have drunk the container dry! The starter was presented in a foil take away container which meant it was perfect for eating outside which we noticed many people were doing.

We really enjoyed our pizza as the crust was just how we like it - thin, crisp and covered with ample toppings. The toppings all worked really well together and the jalapenos had a subtle kick which wasn't too overpowering or made your lips and whole face sting! However, it wasn't quite hot enough for us so we did add some of the chilli oil that was already at our table along with some Parmesan which seemed to majorly excite Soph at the sight of parmesan - why I don't know! The pizza was a good size and we left the bus pretty darn full! We would have loved to have washed our pizza down with a beer however we are trying to stay off the booze in preparation for this half marathon :(

The Crust Conductor will be in Peckham until the 2nd May when they will drive off for a summer of festivals! As the table next to us kept saying 'this place is mint' so we urge you to get down before they go!

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