Monday, 27 April 2015

Peckham Resfreshment Rooms

We don't do breakfast or brunch out very often (mainly because Sarah makes wicked eggs in purgatory or pancakes) but today we thought we would have a pre marathon watching treat.  After deciding Shadwell was the best place to watch we decided to brunch in Peckham and then get the overground.  Having been to Lerryn's in the past and Pedler being in just the wrong location, today, it fell to Peckham Refreshment Rooms (PRR for the purpose of this post) to fill our hungry tummies.

PRR is situated on Blenheim Grove near the station just after the hair salons.  We have actually walked passed this place a few times not realising what it was.  It wasn't until we went to Miss Tapas a few doors down that we realised it was PRR.  The interior is very pleasant and much bigger than we thought it would be.  I would say that it is split into two areas a restaurant side and bar side with high tables and stools.  The breakfast menu was written on a chalkboard and in some places we found it difficult to read (mainly me and my poor eyesight).

Sarah ordered a bacon sandwich and I went for the bacon and egg.  We decided against drinks as I had already had a Mousetail coffee and Sarah had downed guessed it... AKB (apple, kale and Basil) from alibaba.  Once we had placed the order (which initially they got wrong), we waited and waited and waited... probably for a good 25-30 mins at least.  When the food finally arrived we were greeted with this....

Now this is only my opinion but to me this bacon looks pretty well done.  And believe me it was not great; super salty, burnt bacon is not our idea of a nice breakfast. When biting into the sandwich the cremated bacon just crumbled - of all the bacon in the sandwich there was about 5% which remained pink!! Sarah said it reminded her of when she used to forget about the bacon she was cooking hungover at University and would just have to eat it as there was nothing else in the house or felt too ill to try again. Not the sort of quality we expected from a place we have seen good reviews on...maybe the chefs were all hungover or still drunk!?

This same ash flavoured bacon was placed on top of the eggs which were seasoned nicely however they were very annoying to eat out of the flaky black mini frying pan thing that they came in.  Eggs with burnt bits of pan and burnt bacon isn't what we ordered.  On the plus side the bread was nice and fresh.  Not sure how hygienic it is serving butter on the chopping board that my frying pan a la eggs came on was though.

All in all as you can probably tell we were really disappointed and actually would have sent the food back if we weren't in such a rush or left it if we weren't so hungry.  Our meal came to £10.50 and the hunt for Peckham's best breakie/brunch definitely continues.

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