Thursday, 20 March 2014

1 of London's hidden gems

We went to @peckhamplex last night to see the star studded Grand Budapest Hotel. As this cinema is a less than 10 min bus ride door to door we go Peckham Plex a lot and it is about time we share this London gem with you all! The cinema is set back off Peckham High street less than a minute walk from the station and if you weren't concentrating could easily walk passed it. From the outside it doesn't look much compared to the well known cinema chains which are lit up like Blackpool tower however despite the exterior the interior boasts 6 screens varying with 100-400 capacity. Last night is actually the first time we have seen the screen at full capacity which is great for the cinema but took some getting used to as we are a bit used to the solitude! Last night was 241 orange Wednesday so the queues were pretty long but moved very quickly and when you get to the till you are met by the cheapest cinema prices for miles - £5 per ticket with a £1 supplement for  3D...yes you read correctly...FIVE POUNDS!! Last night we paid £2.50 each and this low price was not reflexed in the quality of the film or cinema. The actual screens are very spacious with red velvet comfy seats and great sound and picture.
So why don't you make a night of it - pop down to Peckham, grabs some food from @thebeggingbowl, @peckhambazaar, @artusi or drinks from @barstory and go grab a film at one of the only remaining independent cinemas.
For more info check out their website

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  1. I will make it here soon. You'd be urpised how many independent cinemas are left in London actually but none as cheap as this unfortunately.