Friday, 14 March 2014

Pizza Pilgrims Virginity

We wrote this the morning after the alcohol pizza infused night before (just didn't manage to post yesterday)….. @pizzapilgrim were celebrating their 2 year anniversary in Greek street last night so we thought it was about time we lost our virginity to them and it was well worth the wait. Talking of waiting - when we arrived there was a substantial huddle of people stood outside drinking schooners of  Birra Moretti holding their post-it notes (If you drew a pizza doodle on a post-it you got half price pizza) and we got our name on the list and joined them. The beer was not one we've tried before and was so nice we had to have seconds!

We sat on benches outside the restaurant willing our names to be called and then finally our time came so we jumped up like we were excepting an Oscar and got inside! We've walked past Pizza pilgrims many times thinking it was just a takeaway but unbeknown to us downstairs is a cave of tables which were full of pizza lovers stuffing their faces! The atmosphere was great, the perfect mix of lively yet laid back with a great music playlist.  We decided to try two pizzas and do our own version of half and half – we went for Nduja (Margherita with spicy calabrian pork sausage) and Salsiccia E Friarielli (Bianca base, fresh fennel sausage, wild broccoli, fior di lattem parmesan, basil and olive oil). Both pizzas were on a doughy base which you could tell had been made with a lot of love and attention.  Another main difference between these Pizzas and the likes of their neighbour Pizza Express was the tomato sauce which smothered the pizza. Just by the colour of this sauce you could tell it hadn't just been poured straight out of a tin made in a mass produced factory and well the was just so fresh and juicy which left a nice residue on the plate for dipping the crusts in! The brocolli pizza was on a bianca base and was topped with great tasting fennel sausage! Both the topping were delicious with the Nduja being our favourite - just the right amount of spice to give the pizza a real bite!!


We will ensure that we don’t wait another 2 years to sample the rest of the menu! Credit to you pizza pilgrims on your 2 year birthday, excellent pizzas and lovely welcoming staff.

Have you lost your pizza pilgrims virginity yet?


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