Thursday, 27 March 2014

Healthy dinner in preparation for #tacowars2

Ever since we were 2 of the 500 to get #tacowars2 tickets we have been counting down the days and trying to eat healthy and exercise so we can stuff our faces full of tacos!

Tonight we decided to give Nem Viets Vietnamese Pho kit a go as we bloody love Pho soup! The kit was super easy to use and comes with noodles, seasoning and additional sauce! What made this meal so good was how quick and easy it was and the fact there was no oil or frying involved! You simply add the noodles to hot water and then boil the seasoning, stock, beansprouts or spring onions and steak (or meat of choice) for 5 mins and then hey presto....Pho is served!! For extra flavour we added a bit of Sriracha hot chilli sauce which is a great accompaniment to many dishes.

Next we want to try their Vietnamese spring roll kit!

At £2.69 this is a relatively cheap meal and serves 2-3 people. So...see what you think and give this kit a go!

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