Monday, 17 March 2014

Dirty Sunday Afternoon

Sunday was one of the hottest days of the year so what better way to celebrate than go on a nice walk in search of a burger! We headed down to South Bank to see what they had to offer but after seeing the queue into the vintage car boot sale snake up and down the Thames we decided to head down to Vauxhall as @dirtyburger has been on our list for a very long time! The restaurant has a lovely charm about it and is more a shack than restaurant with a few stools inside and 4 tables outside. As the weather was so fab we grabbed an outside table and went to order. We’d worked up quite an appetite so went for the dirty bacon, the dirty special (bbq sauce, chorizo and brie), some onion fries and the special dirty shake (mint chocolate). The shake was the most refreshing milkshake I have tried with the overwhelming mint flavour shinning through, however, when we got to the bottom and tried to drink the chocolate squirted round the side of the cup all we could taste was harsh bitter coco. This milkshake was definitely more mint than mint chocolate and I could imagine being a great hangover cure (minus the choco at bottom!)
Both burgers were ample size packed full of toppings and sauce making them a very difficult messy eat. They were great value at £6.50 although unfortunately neither of the burgers were pink enough for us and we felt the thickness of the bacon and the amount of chorizo was a little overpowering. If the meat had of been cooked more medium they perhaps the flavours would have all come together a bit better. The onion fries on the other hand were a sheer delight and a welcome change to chips! The outside was crispy and the onions inside nice and juicy. Our meal was rounded off with complimentary hand wipes which were defs needed and should be given by more burger chains as the napkin just doesn't cut it!

Have you been to dirty burger in Vauxhall? Did their burger make it into your top ten?

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  1. That's a shame. I really like their cheese burgers from Kentish Town. I'm not a big fan of bacon or chorizo, I like my burgers boring.