Monday, 10 March 2014

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We never used to be market sort of people before moving to London and discovered borough market and now it seems that all we do in our spare time is trawl the internet searching for markets to go to.  So after waking up fresh on Saturday morning with the sun shining, we had a post run idea...@brockleymarket  .  The market is in a car park next to Lewisham College easily accessible by bus or overground. This market has already had so many nice things said about it “a smaller, cooler version of borough market” which is a statement we have really have to agree with as stalls vary from flower to cheese to meat and there is a lovely community feel about it.

As usual our noses led us straight for the burgers - @MotherFlipperuk to be precise.  We had wanted to try these burgers for A LONG time. 

 We went for a dirty Barbie (2 patty, American cheese, candy bacon, onion and bbq sauce) to share between the two of us.  The burger was massive and messy J with a strong hint of maple syrup. The patties melted in your mouth helped along with the gooey cheese. Looking at Mother Flippers stall you would think they were giving out money or free burgers with the hussle around them however, no, they were just churning out bloody good quality burgers. 
We walked off the burger with one lap of the market taking a look at the stalls, before we knew it we were stood back next to mother flipper perusing the chalk board of @cheeky_italian. 

After listening to all the positive feedback of the ragu and pesto from punters around us we were intrigued by the potato 3 cheese croquettes stuffed with mortadella ham served with a red pepper dipping sauce also known as Motadella bombs and decided to give them a go. After a small vocational injury (burnt mouth) we soon forgot about the pain due to the crunchy, cheesy, hammy mouth explosion we had going on. These balls paired with the dipping sauces are a must try for all…these truly are the tastiest balls we have ever tried!!


After our main and side we felt that we needed desert and turned around and much to our delight discovered @Sugargrain.  These bakers specialise in gluten, dairy and sugar free baking. 
 There was so much choice however chocolate prevailed (as usual) so we bought some rocky road, and a raspberry and white chocolate brownie.  There is only one modern abbreviation to describe how we felt when both of these hit our tastebuds...OMG!! They were so so good with our favourite being the brownie which has to be the best we have EVER tasted.

We were a bit ‘fooded’ out by this point so decided to leave and go for a wonder around New Cross.

This market would definitely be my market of choice for a Saturday morning in the sun or rain and we will definitely be returning to try @spitandroast, @Van_Dough, @swinediningldn, @luardos and @mikeandollie

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  1. I love Brockley Market, haven't been for ages though. Mother Flipper is always good. The Italian place looks good. Think I'm going back to the market in a few weeks so will have to check those croquettes out. You should check out Broadway Market in Hackney, it's definitely one of my favourites. KERB and Netil Market as well.